"PLANET OF BOWLING" in Kolomenskaya Street was opened December 6, 2002 in the shopping center "Gvozd2"

Convenient location, close to metro station "Kolomenskaya" spacious ground parking - those nice little things, for which you want to return.

To services of visitors at our center are:

On Friday and Saturday from 18.00 -06.00 bowling operates in Cosmik - it's glowing in the dark pins, balls and tracks, you are immersed in a world of unreality ultraviolet light and music.

For the younger players we have children's shoes, children's balls weighing up to 9 pounds, special bumpers on the lanes and children's slides.

For those who do not know how to play bowling or want to improve your skill level, in our center, classes are held bowling.

Address: Moscow, metro Kolomenskaya, pr.Adropova, 36 Commerce and Office Center "Gvozd2", 4th Floor